Hope Mono Mini Brake Bleed - help required please

Ive just bought a Hope Bleed Kit for my New mono minis brakes. However the instructions that comes with the kit is just plain useless.

Does anyone know where on the internet i can find some useful instructions to help me bleed these brakes? If it has photos that will be even better.

Many thanks.


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The Hope website is pretty good, also if you telephone the factory they are always willing to help, that's why Hope is such a good company.


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Do you have specific problems or are you just a wee bit confused about how the whole thing goes together? I know it isn't that obvious the first time. See link below for a bit of advice and pics, something I found on the web. I have done it several times with the Hope bleed kit, it's also the same principles as bleeding the brakes on a car using a very similar kit that you can buy from Halfords, so any car expert you know would be able to help. The problem with Hope's website is that they tell you how to bleed the brakes without the bleed kit, which also works well.


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