Horning Ferry Norfolk


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
The Horning Ferry stopped trading/ferrying in 2012 because the Broads Authority changed all the licence conditions for the ferry service.
However, the Ferry PH has bought the ferry pontoon thing with a view to start ferry operations this year. It might be worth ringing the Horning Ferry PH and asking them.


Who, me ?
I did a ride through the Broads last July. The Horning ferry wasn't running then ( I hadn't expected it to be) but I managed to blag a crossing (for the price of a pint) from some of the boaters who had a tender hanging off the back of their motorboat. I was keen to get across so I could get to the Woodfordes Brewery Tap (The Fur & Feather).

Depending on how many are riding in your group, you might get a lift across with a similar tactic.
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