How do I down-load a U-Tube video and save it to my PC ?


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Like many of you I frequently watch and learn plenty of good techniques by watching U-Tube vids.
Unfortunately, I now do my service / repairs in a location which is out of range of my wi-fi.
I now want to be able to down-load a vid onto my pc, so that I can take the pc outside to the cellar with me and step my way thru the vid.
I guess it must be easy ( ?????? ).
You can guess that I have no kids.
Your help would be greatly-appreciated.

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I could do it on my smartphone.

Open the YouTube vid and there's an icon to download the video.
I think you need YouTube premium but there's a three month trial period.


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The only problem is a lot of the instructional videos aren't allowed to be downloaded. If that's the case there's a strike through the download icon. Sometimes they make a mistake so some might be downloadable.
I think if pay £12 a month those nice Google people will let you download anything you like and have it ad free.
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On my Chromebook I can bookmark anything I want so it is always there if I want to go back to it.


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Thanks for your many replies.
I have managed to do this - after many trials and errors.
I used one of the listed programs:
"HD Video Converter Factory".
It does work and I've managed to download a couple of UTube vids in MP4 format.
There is a "risk" element with some of these programs - Risk of virus's, etc.
So far - There don't appear to be problems.
I hope my anti-virus is good enough.
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