How do I know if my chain needs replacing?


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I dont want to wait for it to snap before I change it. It's about10 months old and has done around 3500+ miles. it is a shimano chain.
Sheldon on chains big man...
...bit at the bottom on how to check out stuff. Otherwise Park Tools do a chain length thinggumybob for about 7 squid - but a ruler is cheaper!


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I destroyed my first bike as the chain had streched which I knew nothing about and destroyed my transmission.

As above, I bough this from Park tools and religiously check them now. Its extremely quick and easy to use and hangs neatly in the bike shed. I'm hoping to save all the expense of a knackered chain next time :sad:


on the road said:
If you've done 3500+ miles then I reckon it'll be overdue a change.
I'd second that.
My chain snapped after 2k miles. Had to scooter home for 5 miles.
Buy that wear measuring tool and replace the chain (and casette at the same time).

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I think chain life can vary very much depending how well you look after the chain. Regular cleaning and oiling can make chains last more that 3000 miles if they have all been done on roads and not mucky lanes, sandy areas etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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once the chain has worn (NOTE NOT Stretched) to more than 1% of its original length.

This is 127.6 mm * for distance for 10 links. Keep chain taut and measure using vernier caliper.

I find I can get through about 3 or 4 chains before I need to replace the cassette.
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