How do I remove an old shimano freehub body?


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Hi I'm trapped in north east Africa with a kaput freehub and can't get the old one off. According to YouTube there are three ways and the one I have should just pull off now I've removed the cassette and bearings. But it won't move. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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Try a 10mm allen wrench.

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Never heard of a Shimano one that comes apart the way you describe. Freehub should be screwed into the hub body with a hollow bolt that normally requires a 10mm Allen key putting into it to unscrew.


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Can also be 14mm and possibly other sizes. The hub is built into a wheel, I assume? It's quite difficult to remove the freehub otherwise.


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If it's a generic hub, you might need an 11 or 12mm hex key from the non-drive size (MrsF's hybrid did, and I'd never used an 11 or 12mm hex before, so had to order them).

Not many freehubs just pop off - my MTB does, but that involves removing end caps etc.


Screw freewheel or freehub with cassette.



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Received two of these freewheel removers in a bike parts box some time ago, obviously cheap ones as they virtually round off when extreme leverage was needed to undo the freewheel.
Immediately ordered the Park Tool FR-1.3, absolute no brainer, removed the freewheel without so much as a scratch!
If you're gonna buy one buy the best (in my opinion) :okay:


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A lot of aftermarket removers are neither UG nor HG, but something in between. They often work for freewheels and cassettes. A real UG freewheel tool is slightly smaller than HG but looks identical.
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