How do I shorten my 9 speed chain

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If you've seen my other post about 9 speed set up you'll know I'm reaching the end of my tether with this - however...

I'm going to try and shorten the chain by a couple of links and I know that Shimano 9 speeds have a special link. I've never done one before and can't find a link on line.

Will I need a new fastener link or can I re use the original?


If you have one fitted currently, it's probably best to fit a new link. Some chains don't have them to start with, so bear this in mind. Plenty of helpful videos on Youtube and Park Tools may have a demonstration video. Research what chain you have before taking out the (potentially wrong) links.

I had the same problem on a new bike with a new chain and it was only after thorough research and preparation that I gathered the chain was the wrong speed and it was too long. Be sure to check that the chain itself doesn't need replacing.


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The 971 is fine for 9 speed, and your chain is likely to have a SRAM Power Link on it, which is reuseable and this shows how to use it. You will still need a chain tool to remove links obviously.


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With both SRAM, Tays, and Shimano, no problems spitting, removing links or rejoining, using a chain tool - just be careful that then rivet passes cleanly through (Remove tool, flex link back & forward, before final push!
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