HOw do you do it?!?!?


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Every time i want to go on a new route i can never think of anywhere nice to go.... maybe its my age.

How do you come up with your circuits, i'd be fine if it was nice and short, but im trying to create one about 30-40 miles long (still short i know)

Anyone got any good circuits that run through Blackburn? Or know of anywhere that suggests them, with given directions?
I usually look for the roads that offer what I'm wanting and tie them together (origin/ destination, type etc). You could try a search of the database (or similar site) to get an idea what routes there is in the Blackburn area.


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I use the OS mapping on bikehike.... head out of the built-up area as quickly as possible, then string "yellow" roads together in a loop.

By setting off in different directions, and looping clockwise & anti-clockwise, I've ended up with a whole personal database of routes from 20 miles to 60 miles. Many of them share the first 3 or 4 miles (and last 3 or 4 miles) but that's fine with me, because those miles are just when I'm getting into my stride as it were - or winding down at the end, and because they are so familar they are good for checking out any mods I've just put on the bike.


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what you could do also is either put the bike in the car and drive to an area you know (but not near your home obviously or you would just bike it there) or jump on a train with your bike and explore the area.

Alternate cycling magazines have some mapped out routes in them, you may be able to find them on their websites too, cycling weekly, cycling active or cycling plus. find somewhere you fancy going and hop on a train. Sometimes the area you live in may be featured and gives you an alternate route you havent thought of.

If you have an iphone or device that can show your gprs location then you could freestyle it and keep an eye on where you are in relation to getting back.


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no tea room stops for me, just my water, got one penned 46 miles it ended up that with an additional loop which i can drop if the legs are feeling it, i still feel a tad weary from my week away cycling.


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Local clubs have the knowledge. Also the best cafe & pubs en route often inherited from the founding fathers ... consider joining to share the secrets or checkout their websites - some do post routes.

Just be careful to choose a touring or hybrid club. Get on a TT ride and all you might see is buttocks!


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Hello Mate, you live down at the Witton Park end of Blackburn, if I remember?

You are not far from the beautiful Ribble Valley, a nice ride for you would be over Revidge hill and down through Brownhills to Ribchester, turn right and climb Jeffrey Hill, drop down to Chipping for a cuppa and cake in the Corner Cafe, then either back to Whalley and back up the A666 Clitheroe-Blackburn road, which would be about 30 miles or:

On to Whitewell and Dunsop Bridge (great cafe there too) and then turn south at Newton for the tough climb (TOB did this last year) over Waddington Fell, thence back via Clitheroe and Whalley, about 45 miles.


Turn north-west in Chipping and head round to Bleasedale, Oakenclough and thence pick up the Lancaster-Clitheroe road through The Trough of Bowland, whizz down to Dunsop Bridge for the cafe and then on by the same route as above or a flatter option, back via Whitewell and Whalley. About 55 miles and tough.

It would really help if you bought this map:


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in devon
ive joined a local ctc group and so fra and have found some places i never thought of going to and gives me an oppotunity to go through country lanes that I have never been down. only trouble is i can never remeber the rideTounge, cant wait t i can afford to my garmin edge so can record the rides. I also tend to go somewhere that i know how to get their even if it is on main roads.


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Same issue for me; it's difficult to find routes that are safe and nice - I guess a local club would be able to help, but it's finding them too!


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thanks globalti, fell short of ideas today so just did a run to chorley and right back followed by a trip through pleasington then a loop once more around cherrytree/feniscowles and witton area.

I will definately try the suggested routes, its infuriating, i get my mind set on going and then spend a good hour pondering about routes and how to meet my aimed milage.

The map is now on my 'to get list', definately something i need as i tend to just note down the odd road ona scrap of paper before going, meaning if i miss my turn i can sometimes end up somewhat lost!


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I try to avoid major A roads, or having to cross them, if at all possible. If unavoidable I try to stay on them for the shortest practical distance, and pick the safest crossing point. Likewise totally avoid routes which would involve RH turns off such major A roads. Routes will vary dependant on time of day - to avoid commuter rush hour traffic, and day of week - less HGV traffic on Sundays. Like to have the wind behind me on the return leg, so I take this into consideration, also the severity of any climbs involved - I can't get out, or back home without going uphill at some point, so I must admit to favouring the easier hill at the end of the longer circuit! Happy to go the long way round if it makes for a more enjoyable ride, whereas some people I know seem to design routes on the quickest way from A to B principle, which might make sense when they are driving, but doesn't make for happy cycling.

edit: I find Bikehike and Streetmap really useful when planning routes.


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When I started cycling round here I bought the local maps and mentally crossed all the major towns off the list of places to go - kind of reverse-Jimbo planning! :biggrin:

I also crossed off A-roads and as many B-roads as possible.

I do pass through towns where I have to and use major roads if forced to, but generally I seek out the quietest, hilliest, most scenic roads I can find. Steep hills - fine; dual carriageways - er, no thanks!

Globalti's suggestions are the kind of routes that I like. I head out to the Ribble Valley several times a year because it's my kind of place.

I've probably cycled over 50% of the non-urban roads in a 20 mile radius of Hebden Bridge. Ultimately, I intend to ride all of them except for the ones surrounded by big towns and cities.

I use mapping software these days rather than paper maps and I am constantly looking out for country roads that I haven't ridden yet. I devise CycleChat forum rides to take me out to them and can usually find some volunteers to accompany me - routes like this, this and this.


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Its part of the battle for me, i love being on my bike,, but its always where to go, i quite like cycling alone aswell, which doesnt really aid me when attempting to find out about good routes.... i guess i am my own worst enemy....
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