How do you take a t-shirt off?

betty swollocks

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i) Reach behind your neck and yank, or
ii) cross your arms in front of your body and grip the hem either side at waist level and pull up and over and somehow manage not to get your arms and t-shirt hopelessly entwined and tangled up, or
iii) some other method? - Please describe.
I've always been just a little self-conscious about th fact that I use the girly method (ii).



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I have a small hole in a merino top from using method i).

I try to use method ii) now, but it is taking some re-education!


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feckless said:
I've always been just a little self-conscious about th fact that I use the girly method (ii).


Hmmmm. Always been the way I did it too.
Didn't realise it was girly <feels insecure and makes mental note to remove all future T shirts by slashing them off with a rusty beer can>

Depends if I'm wearing it, or the wife.

If it's me and it's still the correct size then (i);

If it has 'shrunk' a bit then (ii).

If it's the wife's then iii) some other method involving alcohol and haste.
(ii) It aint girly!

Apparently my T shirt putting on method is unorthodox; See (ii) above, one inside out T shirt, when it comes back from being laundered, I put it on inside-out and it miraculously appears on my body the right way round and outside-out.
betty swollocks

betty swollocks

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'course ii) is girly!
Us manly types, who are, each day surrounded by our own individual miasma of testosterone, would NEVER use any method other than i)!xx(


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Me - take a T-shirt off? What do you think valets are for?


ii), but i don't cross my arms. That's probably the cause of intertwinement.
Right hand on bottom right of t-shirt, left hand on bottom left of t shirt.


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I withdraw both arms in through the arm holes, like a tortoise, and then lift it over my head without turning it inside out. As long as it's loose enough. If it's tighter, then it's arms crossed and up over the head...
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