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I know, I had to ride out from Manchester a couple of years back, there’s bloody hills everywhere.
Not strictly true - head out into Cheshire via Altrincham, for example!
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Those grotty Pacers are finally being replaced. They still make appearances on the local line but less frequently, week by week.
No way! We've still got the poxy pacers over here on the Clitheroe line. You arty-farty types over in Calderdale get all the breaks.
Not strictly true - head out into Cheshire via Altrincham, for example!

That was the route we used, a couple of miles East from the stadium, then South, through Stockport and Macclesfield, finishing up in Tamworth ( which is worth a whole thread on it’s own):laugh:
Manchester has a fabulous night life, loads of quirky bars, something for everyone. I live here and still exploring. The bars are fabulous if you know where to go.
I found a few on my last visit. It’s quite a fun place ( given its north of Highgate ) I was told there be dragons there. I must have missed them.
Well here we go then

I’m on a table right by the stage for the actual do, so I should get a good view.:okay:
Well that was mental ( in a good way ). There were lots of guest speakers, including Sir Chris Hoy, and a load of Olympic hopefuls, and former Olympians and world champs from all sorts of disciplines, including cycle speedway, which was a nice touch. I drank a lot, the food was excellent ( really top notch and very tasty). One of the speakers was a lass (who’s name I’ve forgotten), who was a European junior road champion, she had a dress on that made her look a bit like a cabbage, which was fairly smirk inducing:laugh:.




All in all a great night, and us volunteers got an honourable mention too:okay:. Now I’m making my way home, which is a lot of fun today ( said no one ever ):ohmy:
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