How fast can you accelerate from standing?

depends on whether i'm in traffic or going to the fridge


Roughly 9.8m/s/s is the best acceleration I think I could manage, it's the rapid deceleration that inevitably follows that troubles me.


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How can you tell .... I know that from stationary at the lights I'm likely to be one of the first at about 50m but by 200 m others will be overtaking me.... so I know I can accelerate quite fast even though I can't maintain it.

I always have private races with cars at traffic lights - where I try to guess how far I will have got from the lights before they overtake me... (as in the most common one I do .. is will I make it to the bus stop or if really good start to the junction just beyond). Not that the car knows anything about it of course:biggrin:.


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0.0000000001 of a nanosecond at 0.0000000002 of a nanosecond her husband might catch me B) :tongue:


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I must admit I love this side of cycling. In traffic it's awesome if you can speed up quickly, you can leave cars behind lol. I think it can freak them out if you catch them up then overtake them.
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