How long will it take to get used to drop bars?

As some of you guys most probably know, i have recently purchased my new bike(i got it today) i am very impressed with it, one thing though is because my old bike was a hybrid with flat bars i am not used to riding with drop bars just yet. it's just the feel of the bike when i'm using the tops,hoods or drops instead of the flat bars like on my previos bike. the only way i can explain it is to me it feels very sensitive when i try to turn, i turn the bars the slightest bit and it feels like the wheel is about to twist all the way round on me, i'm sure before i was close to falling off :biggrin: what was it like your first time on the drop bars? is it something where overtime i'll just get used to the drop bars ? i am looking foward to what you guys have to say, the response i got from my last post was excellent!!! :smile:
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TBH, I only use the drops when I'm careering downhill! The rest of the time I'm either on the tops or hoods - not much difference to straight bars.


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It won't take long. Up until September last year it'd had been over 20 years since I'd ridden on drops. After a couple of weeks commuting going back to my hybrid felt weird.


Road bikes will feel twitchy to begin with as their geometry is more aggressive and the bars are narrow, making the steering very responsive.

Took me a few rides to get fully used to it. They're still quite difficult to ride slowly though :laugh:

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I was the same when I first got a road bike. Was scared to reach for my bottle or raise an arm to indicate. But put the miles in and you'll be surprised how quickly you become accomplished.


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It was much the same for me at first, i put the twitchy bit down to it being quite a bit shorter wheelbase than my mtb, and much narrower handlebars.
The drops are also handy for avoiding a little of the wind resistance. You'll soon get used to it.
Have fun.


I switched back to my flat bar hybrid for a week till I got my replacement drop bar commuter. I was amazed how twitchy the switch back to dropbars was on the first ride out. Took a mile or so to feel comfortable again.

I am sure you will get used to it pretty quickly.


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Very quickly. Couldn't go back to a straight bar now. Drop bars are so much more comfortable for me. You're right, it's more twitchy and feels quite uncontrolled at first but you will get used to it. Steering, particularly at speed, is more about leaning. Beware of toe overlap at slow speeds while turning the bars.
Thank you everyone, you have all answered my question. also to add i do know about leaning to turn :tongue: well within the next couple of weeks i'll be on my new bike more and more and i might think about joining my local club soon to give me something to do saves been stuck inside on my days off work :biggrin: again, thank you guys, much appreciated :smile:


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It took me about five months of daily commuting to get completely used to my first road bike. It felt horrible to begin with. At one stage I did think of selling it and going back to my hybrid.

I'm very glad that I didn't. Good luck.


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I've got quite a few different styles of bikes and they all feel different but after riding one for a bit that one feels normal, its just a matter of getting used to how each one 'feels' on the road.
If you want to try something really weird try riding one of these
took me ages to get used to it
I've had a few tentative rides on 2 wheels lately but the broken mended leg still ain't really up to it but I've been toying with the idea of a racing trike.
I've met a couple of guys that ride these
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