How lucky was I?

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....riding along today I noticed my bars were loose & out of line with the front wheel....I had been messing with it two days ago and clearly hadn't set them back correctly I thought. I pulled over and reached for the multi tool. The top screw into the stem was done up but not tightly at all...BUT the two side screws were not done up at all!

I had ridden all of last nights loop (including a 61km/hr downhill run) in th edark, and todays loop . It was in effect just the loosely fastened top screw that held it reasonably together and stopped it turning completely sideways.
...coming off on that hill at that speed with my weight doesnt bear thinking about.

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Very lucky and initially very silly. Still no harm done and you won't make that mistake again.


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Ohh dear, makes you think....

My commuter recently had a self undoing quick release...... did up the front wheel, rode off, then happened to look down and the QR had undone, stopped, did up again, then watched it come undone...mad - spiralled it tight and rode home... since replaced with anti theft ones....


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Oops. that reminds me of when i took my bike to the shop after recently removing my wheels to get it in the car. rode all the way to the shop and when i got there the bloke said, "it's always a good idea to turn your brakes back on luv"

oops:eek: :biggrin:
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