How many bikes and why?


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I'm just interested to know in how many bikes people own and why? Im thinking of getting another for when I start college that I can put panniers on etc and used my road bike for training etc and the club I go to some people have up to 5 bikes for different purposes, touring, mountain biking etc, does it feel weird suddenly switching bikes


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The formula for how many bikes you need is n+1 where n=the number of bikes you currently own


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I have five.

A MTB for off roading.

A Flying Gate replica with touring geometry which i use for 100km+ Audax rides.

A Dave Yates Randonneur also used for Audaxing especilly if I expect to be riding in the dark as it has a hub dynamo and LED lighting. Can also be used for touring.

A Decathlon Touring bike bought in France when my touring bike snapped its frame. Will be using it for a 1000 mile tour in Fance this summer.

A steel framed hybrid which is rarely used by me and get lent out to folk to have a go at cycling.

My two dropped bar bikes have different rear mechs - they operate in different directions for the same lever movement. The one that moves in the 'wrong direction' is a MTB mech that fails to safe on the large rear sprocket.

My Flying Gate feels twitchier than the Dave Yates, a function of its shorter wheelbase.

The Decathlon bike has me sitting much taller and offers a more sedate ride - perfect for sedate tours.

When I had a bike with bar end shifters, I had problems trying to change gear with phantom bar end shifters on my other two dropped handlebar bikes.


Just call me Chris...
I have an SCR3 road bike for commuting, a trek 6700 hardtail mountain bike for local off-roading, a specialized enduro s-works for real mountain biking and a Giant TCR advanced on the way for club runs, leisure spins etc
I don't have a cyclocross bike, a 'bent, a fixie or a tourer so I'm pretty underbiked at present :biggrin:


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Fixed road bike for commuting
Geared road bike for nice weather and long rides
MTB for rides with the kids
Fixed no 2 being built (the frame was free so why not)

Fancy a tourer now


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N+1 ............never can have enough.................:biggrin:

I have...................

20 year old Custom Built Frank Herety Columbus SLX with Dura Ace 7400 (pro bike spec).. awesome bit of riding it....... it still kicks butt with carbon bling.........

Sort of same age - Ribble 653 and Ultegra 8 Speed (this is the crashed bashed bike)..proper work horse, looks fab still........

17 Year old Diamond Back MTB - fully rigid, but with Deore XT/LX kit..great XC bike... It saw me through this winter with studded's a trusty work horse and has done some mad MTB riding in it's history.......

And finally.............

1 year old custom Fixed Road Bike - Alloy/Carbon framed - my daily ride......

On the wish list....................LOTS...........:biggrin:


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2 Bromptons (one for work and it's predecessor for backup/other family member's needs)

A Claud Butler Ravanna ATX non sus MTB/Hybrid

And a 25 year old Dawes Galaxy tourer.

Used to have a Trusty Spacemaster (1970's step through universal/shopper) but it was a project that never go off the ground and gave up it's space for the second Brommy.


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My problem is that I think I would aways have a favourite bike so if I got another bike (currently normal bike and the old one), it would have to be very different and have a specific role to make me ride it I think. Doesn't stop me admiring bikes and pondering N+1:biggrin:


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Three. I have a general purpose bike, one racer for long rides like friday night/saturday :biggrin: and a brompton for urban mess about and fiddly shorter journeys. The vast majority of the miles is done on the city bike though.
Charge Plug 10 Fixie although it is freewheel at the moment and I call it my summer bike now.Bought a few months back.(E)
Dawes Audax 2006 my winter commuting bike.(main bike)(E)
Dawes Audax 2007 is a spare but will be fitted with a pannier rack for use to transport heavier things around.(W)

3 Bikes.

Im pleased to report that all three bikes have been a huge success and im not disappointed with any of them.No more space...I can just about live with three bikes.:biggrin:

(E)=Bought from Evans Waterloo
(W)=Bought from Winstanleys Bikes Wigan.(via internet)


Hmm, certainly a different purpose for each of the bikes in my garage.

31 year old steel framed "racer" that I've had from new which I still use for short-ish road rides.

20 year old rigid MTB, also owned from new, which now has slicks, mud guards and panniers and is my town hack.

MTB for off road rides

Road bike for, erm, road rides. :biggrin:

Cyclo-x bike for "not sure where I'm going or how I'm going to get there" rides. :biggrin:


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Holdsworth 531c, currently sat in the loft. :biggrin:

Ridley, Triton T, every day ride to work bike.

Brian Rourke, custom made 853c Audax bike.

Scott CR1 Pro, for when the sun is shining.

Fuji Track Pro, for when the sun isn't shining.

Specialized Rockhopper Comp MTB, but fitted with slicks, for rides with the kids.

Scott Scale 10 MTB, when its raining or snowing.

Ribble Winter bike, dare I say a "spare bike" since the purchase of the Ridley. :biggrin:
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