How many bikes for the 4 seasons..?

Billy Wizz

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North Wales
After a big break I am back on the bike, but I have my ultimate, well nearly road bike and a Hybrid which got me going again, which is great for flying into town throwing against a post, locking up and leaving.
Now this is my problem they are both ice bound and I am fed up.
I have been on the MTB section of this forum and the first excellent post is all you need to know about mountain bikes,excellent thread.
It has convinced me all you need is a land rover and a sports car excuse the car lingo,
So tomorrow I am off to try and trade my excellent Hybrid for a MTB,which will hopefully get me out on frosty mornings and back into the country.
So I reckon two will do. ?


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Cheaper than replacing the hybrid, how about a couple of these for the bike. -
Studs are pretty much the only way to stay upright on ice, and assuming these would fit your hybrid, then they should allow you to go and play in the ice/snow :smile:


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I have a MTB and a Hybrid.
I use the MTB most due to where I live (woods, trails, canal towpaths) and the fact I've always ridden a MTB and like the position, but the hybrid gets taken to the shops and town.


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I have 4 bikes (3 road, 1 flat bar hybrid with discs), but I wouldn't consider riding if icy, my luck is simply too non existent!

(and I'm a wuss :cold: )


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I like your style and totally agree apart from i would add an extra tourer, one for short tours, one for long tours:biggrin:
Eight bikes then, I did say at least seven.^_^
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