How many miles is to many on a second hand Rohloff


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None reported to have worn out so far!


Isn't the serious answer that it depends not so much on the miles as the nature of those miles? Rohloff are presumably secure in their statements about no properly maintained hubs used according to the instructions ever wearing out. But you do hear stories of Rohloffs that have been ridden through water (at immersion depth and presumably not properly oiled afterwards) subsequently seizing up (as well as the batch that had faulty spoke flanges). They are phenomenally reliable - but probably not quite as perfect as the manufacturer claims. Just like they are extremely efficient compared to any other hub gear, but not (in practice) as efficient as the manufacturer claims.


Hub gears are a bit of a niche and not many users/bike shops understand them. They are immensely durable if maintained well. There are Sturmey Archers running today from the 50s/60s.

So, I wouldn't be too worried about the Rohloff if it's been serviced as recommended. I hear Rohloff warranty is quite good also. There are tales on Crazyguyonabike where Rohloff have shipped replacements in the event of a failure.

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One thing I would look at is the spoke holes in the hub. SJS/Thorn recommend fitting flange support rings - primarily for tandems but I've got them fitted on my Nomad as the hub was showing some wear. If there is some, it is easy to fix (Rohloff will do it). This isnt the best picture but I think it shows the problem:

Mines done 36000 recorded miles and probably another 10% on top. It just gets better. Check out the age from the serial number. Ideally it would have had an annual oil change. If it has been submerged the oil will come out brown rather than black and have a smell when you do an oil change. Older hubs have screw on sprockets which take some shifting. Not impossible but you need some substantial tools and best to send those of delicate disposition out of the garage!
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