how many miles so far this year ?

I know it's only February 19th, but wondering how many miles you all done so far ? I have done 407.46 mile, I know it's not a lot but they are mainly commuting miles


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Only ever use my bike for commuting. My guesstimate would be 500 miles so far.

John the Monkey

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569, all commuting thus far.

Need to get out on the bike at the weekend a bit too, I'm feeling like I'm missing out on all this nice weather!
if the weather keeps up I will be out tomorrow, even if it is a ride around the levels (Mendip Levels Somerset)
On Sunday I also hope to go further, possible toward Minhead


360 road miles + several mountain biking excursions.


My bike is the first one I've owned in many years with no method of measuring mileage/speed etc and I'm lovin' it!

(no seeing how little cycling I've done, how slowly I'm going etc)


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I'm not sure as i didnt reset my computer..but I am doing 25 miles every other day and I also did a 60 trip and a couple of 35 milers...on top of that.


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1468 miles including today. commute 5 days a week, longish ride on sundays and any other days off I can wangle. Lovely weather at the moment got to make the most of it.;)
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