How much is my bike worth


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
eBay sold prices are worth a try. It's got cantilever brakes, so that limits the appeal I'm afraid.

I'd suggest about £300-500 depending upon condition.
That’s not my property it’s a friends place. Not a helpful comment though.
Pardon me for my attempt at levity.


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Stick it on eBay with a buy it now price that would be acceptable to you (with the option for offers)
Your location may impact price (ie rural vs urban) and be prepared to offer shipping if comfortable doing that :okay:
I’d be surprised if you get much more than £300 (before fees)

Also are you sure it’s an F85 as that was a roadbike? FX85? What’s the groupset spec etc?
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It'd be extremely helpful to put the size .... get the model number right and a model year. Plus the spec (for the correct bike), a bit of maintenance history etc :okay:

Just saying what wheels they are (which are the only thing visible from the pics but none of the rest of the spec ), won't sell the bike (at anywhere near £450). You'll need to make a lot more effort to sell, load of pictures and details. If I were looking for a bike like that, I'd skip straight over your ad as you're expecting a buyer to do all the research, send you messages to get answers to basic questions! It's a competitive market, make it easy for the buyer!

Also specify that you have a receipt for the bike :okay: (if you don't, you'll limit your market and sale price). If I were to read that ad, I'd think the seller has no idea what it is and thus I'd think it was being sold by a thief who'd stolen it. Make it sound like you know and love the bike :okay:
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