How to check a used Carbon bike?


The pressfit BBs are used, because they allow more design flexibility of the frame. If they end up being a pain in the arse at a later date, it’s not tricky or expensive to find a better alternative.
If I was paying upwards of a couple of grand for a bike, I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect it to be fit for purpose straight out of the box and not subsequently be a pain in the arse to maintain. If better alternatives exist for retro fitment, then why aren't the manufacturers incorporating those better alternatives into the design at the factory? They are just taking their customers for mugs.


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Because most trendy carbon bike buying punters are suckers for the Emperors new clothes. They'd fill their tyres with dog doo if a bike mag told them it was the latest thing, gave a stiffer transmission, and absorbed road buzz better.


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How many of those three are front line utility machines ridden in all weathers and left parked in the open, and how many are just weekend toys not used in bad conditions and cleaned every five minutes?
Have we gone off subject? My bikes are used in all weather and jet washed when dirty, I am not and never have been just a fair weather cyclist. I have also never had a carbon fibre item fail me.


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None, because I've never been daft enough to buy a bike with that sort of BB.
I never thought of myself as being daft when it comes to buying something that I want and from personal experience gives no problems.


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Lol, think hips are more expensive to replace than bottom brackets? but thing is with press in bottom brackets if frame on bike is not %100 then they will cause endless fun, heres an interesting clip shows how little the frame needs to be out of line to stress out bottom bracket. 0.1mm, to me thats about the thickness of paint? dont know if that would effect threaded but who knows?


My kuota with an RRP of £3.5k has creaked significantly since I started riding it in anger - its been back to the shop (came back worse) and back to kuota uk - who blamed my brooks saddle - and cured it temporarily - but the creak returns. The line from kuota is that routine maintenance and identifying the creak is what is required - an LBS were 100% sure it was a loose through axle - and again it went quiet for a ride or so now its back.

Has anyone tried these screw in / press fit bb's ? - I think Praxis/Wheelsmfg/Hope make one

Pretty pissed at having to do what I feel is a repair on a £3.5k bike - But with Kuota/Shop refusing a replacement frame - I am pretty much out of options
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