How to tell if new wheels are compatible

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Ajax Bay

East Devon
Get rid of the cassette.
I can't tell what you are picturing in image 1.
Disassemble the left hand side completely and remove axle.
Screw the cone (image 2 with seal combo) onto the 'bare' axle, followed by the lock nut.
Tighten cone and locknut together (should not have taken off) so that 4mm of axle shows.
Insert new bearings and grease into left hand side cup.
Insert axle into freehub (image 4) and through.
Screw on LH cone (finger tight , see above), spacer(s) and finally locknut, and lock.
Should be 4mm of axle still showing (if not back to line 5 and equalise).
And be a tad loose (again see my post above): QR will take up slack.
Only then fit cassette.
'Test and adjust'
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played around with this for a day or so but i had to give up in the end
took it to the LBS and the guy there was great. he had to replace a few parts and confirmed what i already knew, the wheels were not the best!
it's all running good for now and i'm looking at getting a set of wheels some time in the future, can keep these as winter wheels
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