How well do you know your neighbours?

How well do you know your neighbours?

  • Nod and smile, but don't know their names

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  • Get on okay and know their names, but never been inside the house

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  • Been inside the house a few times, but not too close

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  • Really good friends and socialise together too

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Just wondered as we live in a small cul-de-sac with 6 houses and we get on really well with one house's occupants, and don't have any real problems with the others, but we don't do the "going round for drinks" thing and pretty much keep ourselves to ourselves.

Are you close friends with any of your neighbours?
Our garden runs parallel to the road so we know most of the people who live around here to nod and smile at and occasionally pass the time of day over the garden wall. It's nice, actually: when we first moved in we were going to put two foot of trellis all along the top of the wall, but now I don't think we'll bother. The only neighbour we know to speak to is the 90 year old who lives in the hose at the top of the cliff at the back of our garden; she comes round every so often to see how we're doing, which is nice.


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In our cul-de-seac there are three that we socialise with often and would consider very good friends, eight that we know well and would stop for a chat and two that keep themselves to themselves.


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As posted elsewhere we have fantastic neighbours and we know them all well enough for a good yarn and the occasional cup of tea. On one side we have a a bloke who bodges cars, which irritates the hell out of the other neighbours but not us because he's such a lovely bloke and as long as he stays, we're happy because we don't want him moving out and selling to drug dealing scum as happened to us last time.

On the other side we have a retired plumber who wanders round whenever we're doing things on the house and garden and gives a hand. He's taught me a lot about plumbing, we will never need a plumber again. He's an all-round steady bloke.

We know most of the rest well enough for a good old chinwag and the odd favour. Neighbours are such an important part of a relaxed and happy life.


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There are 28 houses in our little 'estate'; of those about 3 or 4 that if I passed them in town I would not recognise and therefore would not speak. But having lived in the same house in a small village for 24 years helps, as well as taking part in the various village activities on and off over the years. Not many people have moved away - we used to be the youngest when we first arrived and it is scary that soon we will be amongst the oldest - but not just yet!

We see more people in the summer because the neighbours are all avid gardeners (and also all retired - at least the ones surrounding us) The immediate neighbours are all great - we chat over the hedge and we would all help each other out if the need arose, but we don't socialise much in each others houses other than at Christmas, when someone will have a drinks do sometimes. We used to take it in turn to have an open house on New Year's Eve for anyone living on the estate so that anyone who might be on their own could go round to see the New Year in, but that seems to have fizzled out and is replaced by a New Year's Day village walk which attracts about 80 or so people.

On the whole, I am quite happy with our set up - I see lots of people during my working day and look forward to getting home to be with my husband and remaining grown up son! But I would do anything within reason to help our neighbours.

Oops, look at the time - must go!


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Don't actually socialise with any of my neighbours - they are mostly quite a bit older than us, so they have grown up kids and grandchildren and some are retired - most have been here longer than us. But I know the names of a fair number of them and happily gas over the garden gate with quite a few, and look after the house for one of them when they take a long holiday each year.


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We live in a large Cul-de-sac of about 50 houses & get on really well with the immediate 12 houses.

Out of those we regularly have meals at each other's houses & the lady next door organises the Xmas party/outing each year :biggrin:

Most of us have the keys to each others houses too.


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We get on very well with our neighbours - we live on a relatively new development and all moved in at around the same time.

In our cul-de-sac (4 houses) we regularly have dinner with two out of the three neighbours and each year we have a bbq in the cul-de-sac for the surrounding neighbours. One set of neighbours particularly are brilliant - they are like are surrogate parents. Mr Neighbour does our odd jobs and Mrs Neighbour buys the bargains I would miss out on because I'm at work all day. When our burglar alarm went off she sorted everything out (including tidying the house before the alarm guy came) and just told us in the evening when we got home!!!

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Swindon, Wilts
I doubt I'd even recognise half the people that live on our road (35 houses). Theres a few that have stopped to say hello but generally thats only when I'm taking the recumbent out, so I normally put that down to curiousity about the freaky looking bike than a genuine interest in me. I'm in the process of moving now, and will be making an active effort to get to know my new neighbours...


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My wife gets on with everyone.
I say a hello if the neighbour's are working in their garden when I get in from work, but that's as far as it goes.


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One of the things about living where we do in Canada is that we made more friends within weeks of arriving here than we did in years of living where we did in the UK. And even the people who aren't friends as such, we say hello to and know who we are.


Same here - we had a big street party last night that turned into a very drunken pool party. Great people and I think we will become solid friends with a good few of them and all within 3 months of arriving.


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Have great neighbours both sides. One one side we have a retired copper and his missus. On the other we have a single mum with 3 teenage daughters.... Both will look after our house if we are away. Take in parcels etc. Couldn't ask for better to be honest.


I get on with all my neighbours bar Mr Inconsiderate T@@t with the bad taste in music. I'll always smile, say hello and perhaps have a chat. Don't know everyones names, but most of them I do (you know when you've lived somewhere so long that you don't want to say "sorry but what's your name again, I forgot about 7 years ago").


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Bromley, Kent
Ours are great. Ten houses in the cul-de-sac, and we get at least 3 'street' parties a year and summer bbqs.

Stops the niggly things like parking and noise becoming a problem. All good.
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