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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by chrisb1357, 11 Apr 2010.

  1. chrisb1357

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Hi all. On the way to work each morning i have to join a 3 lane road (Not a Motorway Before anyone Jokes) that is a national speedlimt. I start off from this jct here with the traffice lights,289.88,,1,0.1

    I then have to cross the 3 lanes to get over to the far side so that i am able to turn a right at the next set of lights which is located here,-1.300335&spn=0,0.019205&z=16

    The problem i have is as the traffic is moving so fast i find it hard to take a look behind with a back pack on so what i have been doing is as soon as the lights at the start of the jct turn green i get to the fastest speed i can make and cross all lanes before the traffic holding on the main road starts to move but they always seem to catch me up

  2. Lurker

    Lurker Senior Member

    Doesn't look an easy road to cycle on. Can you write to the relevant highway authority to explain the difficulty and ask what action they can take? (suggest you copy to relevant elected representatives). Obvious action that would help you would be to reduce the speed limit. Others more familiar with the area may have views. From your own POV since you mention that your back pack makes it harder for you to see what's happening behind you, you may wish to consider a mirror and also a pannier rather than backpack (comfier for carrying stuff, in any case). But the primary onus should be on the highway designers and other traffic to modify their designs/behaviour.
  3. Glow worm

    Glow worm Guru

    Near Newmarket
    Are you trying to get from Pinxton Lane to cross over the A38 to then go up common Road? (Sorry couldn't quite follow the directions). If so, I see what looks like an underpass under the A38 a few hundred yards to the west (old railway line perhaps?). I'd head for that and avoid the crossing altogether. It's hard to see if it's there's public access to it but there's farmland around it so if there's not, I'd approach the landowner/ farmer and get their permission to use it (I've done this loads of times here and no probs- I'll normally do just about anything to avoid roads/traffic/people!).
  4. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    As you might have also seen there is a path along the side of the road but i seem to get puncturs when using the path and the crossings at the lights as there is so much road crap on the path its a nigthmare. Glass, stones, grit, car bits etc.

    Also at each crossing there is also stones, glass etc in the the way of the paths to cross .

  5. Theseus

    Theseus .


    Use the shared use facility on the side. Probably not much foot traffic


    If you ride up Pinxton Lane, turn up the path here and up to your junction.

    With both options use the pedestrian lights to cross.
  6. What I think you are doing would be my approach. If it was particularly bad I'd use the shared use path and cross at the signals.
  7. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Have posted my reply about the path above. think i posted same time as you replied LOL.

    I have thought about the path but it hardley gets used and not for riding on i dont think as the stones are big that form the path and alot of stuff also on that path as well so i carry on up that road to the round about but then i have to take the route posted above over the busy road.

    The crossing over all them signals are full of road rubish i.e glass and stones and bits of cars and is where i had a puncture the other week


  8. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Had a quick look on google maps etc and OS maps and there is a path under that bridge as its the old Great Central Rail but its more of a dirt track i am told so was not sure if its worth taking my Giant Hybrid down there that has no kind of suspension and with the thin tyres i am on.

  9. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Also just checked my local council website for right of ways and by laws and the only path that is listed on it to use is the one that go;s behind the factory and comes out at the crossing near the jct

  10. marinyork

    marinyork Resting in suspended Animation

    The A38 isn't very nice. Kudos.

    If the traffic is stopped when you go left I'd just get in the middle lane. Presumably the problem is that half way along the traffic comes from behind you? If the second set of lights is on red whenever the go straight on is left you could even get in the 3rd lane. I know it'll annoy the hell out of the motorists but if it is red nobody is going anywhere and it doesn't hold up the others who are on green.
  11. jimboalee

    jimboalee New Member

    The great thing about bicycles is you can pick them up and carry them.

    The ped' crossings are controled by 'press button'.

    I would ride up the nearside lane, stop at the ped' crossing, press the button and wheel/carry my bike across.

    If the sidewalk is a shared bike lane, the ped' crossings should be Toucan crossings....
    Motorists CAN'T moan if you use them.
  12. Ian H

    Ian H Guru

    East Devon
    Using the road, I would start in the middle of the lane at the first lights, so the traffic has to stay behind you, and move straight into the outside lane, with a brief signal right. Then, keeping right, it's easy to filter into the third lane. But only if you are confident.

    Oh, and if a backpack makes it more difficult, find an alternative method of carrying stuff.
  13. Norm

    Norm Guest

    This was my first thought, on reading the OP.

    Although this was another thing which came to mind. If your pack is restricting vision, that's a very bad thing.

    This one seems strange. Not only expecting the speed limit to be reduced on a 3 lane dual carriageway for the potential benefit of one cyclist but also because the HA have put in an alternative in the shared use path. The "official" solution would probably be to get the pavement sweeper onto what is already there.
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