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Broke the rear derailleur hanger on my Ridgeback Flight 02 (2009 model). No sweat, I'll get another. Boy, oh, boy. This hanger is elusive. I went to Madison (after checking hundreds of other sites) and analysed the hundreds of hangers there and ordered no. 41. It arrived and I could see straight away it was right. So I fitted it. It was not right. Been to umpteen bike shops with no joy (two were all set to order the hanger that I purchased which does not quite fit).
A Ridgeback Flight 02, 2009 model rear derailleur hanger. Anyone know where to get one?
Any help much appreciated.

Yellow Fang

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When my rear hanger broke on a Ridgeback Genesis several years ago, I had to get the shop to order it for me. There doesn't seem to be a standard for rear hangers. If you go to the Ridgeback website stockists page you should be able to send them an e-mail via the feedback or contact-us links.
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