Hub bearing cups ?


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Anyone know of a source for replacement press in bearing cups in the UK ?

I recently acquired about 30 / 40 used wheels from a closed down bike shop and have been sorting through them, some good ones in there that just have pitted cups from being left standing outside , I've tested removing the old cups and they just punch out easily in most cases, the low end generic hubs seem to use a standard 30 mm od cup , it seems a waste to scrap good wheels just for a £1 bearing surface.

I wish I had access to a lathe because I was trained on one as an apprentice and turning, polishing and hardening such a simple item is not rocket science.

The only supplier I've found is in Australia where they are $1 each.
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Good luck with that. I've never seen them anywhere and I have tried. The ones you list seem to be cheapos - galvanised.
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