1. Trickstar

    FSA Mega Exo 19mm bearing cover (cup or knackered BB also good)

    Bought a cheap runaround recently. Last job on the long list of things to sort was the BB which wasn't running evenly. It appears that the last clown who had the cranks off, put them back on minus the drive-side bearing cover. I've refreshed the bearing grease and expect the BB will run...
  2. Johnsco

    Head tube bearing in my 1960s Carlton

    I've recently brought my old Carlton back from the dead after some 35 years of neglect. During this time, a friend (???) borrowed and abused the bike - So badly that it wouldn't go at all when I got it back. I've a number of questions. Forgive me if some of them appear elementary. I'm a...
  3. DCBassman

    Bearing adjustment, Shimano rear wheel ***SORTED***

    Noticed this morning on pre-ride check that the rear wheel had noticeable side-to-side play. Now, I understand how cups and cones work, but how in the name of (insert preferred sky-fairy name here) do you lock the drive side cone against anything? There's no way to hold it. I've looked at many...
  4. Kryton521

    C-Bear ceramic bearing jockey wheels Sold

    11 Tooth for Shimano/Sram. £54 not including P&P. If you buy I will find out total cost of P&P and we'll sort it out.
  5. Kryton521

    Jockey wheels; Bearing or not?

    Took the jockey wheels off/out, gave them a really serious clean, probably way over due although they get the brush & degreaser on a regular basis. Anyway, my question is, do jockey wheels have bearing in them or just run on the spindle in the centre? Short of pulling one of them to pieces...
  6. R

    Hub bearing cups ?

    Anyone know of a source for replacement press in bearing cups in the UK ? I recently acquired about 30 / 40 used wheels from a closed down bike shop and have been sorting through them, some good ones in there that just have pitted cups from being left standing outside , I've tested removing the...
  7. Kajjal

    Creaking bearing type of noise.

    I have creaking , bearing sounding noise whenever the cranks are turned when I am on the bike pedalling that seems to come from the bottom bracket. It happens in any gear / chain ring and even if you pedal forwards or backwards too slow to drive the back wheel. When the bike free wheels it is...
  8. bonker

    Rear flip flop hub bearing

    Any techies out there know what bearing I should get as replacements in the Dia-Compe Gran Compe rear track hub? It's a flip flop on a Pearsons Cycles Now You See Me Is there any standardisation in hub bearings or is it a case of taking out the one that is in there and matching it?
  9. Stef 1

    Wheel bearing help please

    I've recently been experinceing brake judder on my front wheel (disk brakes). I couldn't find anything wrong with the brakes - disk not warped at all, pads and clearance seem okay. So I dug deeper. Front wheel is spinning freely, but perhaps not quite as freely / long as I'd like, although...
  10. antnee

    Time Xpresso Carbon 10 pedal bearing removal

    Hello all Found that that I got some new pedals and after doing some few miles on them ,am finding the pedal I normally clip in and out of has stiffened up looking about on the net I see that this does happen and see that normally people strip pedal and regrease though much to my annoyance...
  11. Salty seadog

    Advice on bearing condition please.

    I've never worked on bearings before so improving my knowledge by servicing the cup and cone front hub on the mtb. It had a bit of a grumble going on so thought I'd have a look. The balls look fine to me but the cones look pitted, one more than the other. The races in the hub look ok to my...
  12. skudupnorth

    Hollow bottom bracket bearing ordering

    Need some help on how I size these new fangled bottom bracket bearings for my Boardman SC Comp fixie. Checked on the usual online suppliers and no numbers match what I have on the original unit. This has lasted 7 years and has finally given up ! So, how do I size this lump ?
  13. JPBoothy

    Wheel Bearing Help Required

    Hi All, I'm sure this is a subject that you knowledgeable folk have discussed many times but, please be patient with this non-knowledgeable chap and pass on your much needed (and appreciated) advice. I decided to remove my rear axle/cone from my QR wheel to correct a lateral wobble by...
  14. antnee

    Shimano Rear WH-R501 Cone and ball bearing replacement

    Hello all after finding that rear wheel was suffering some slight play I thought I had better sort out cone bearing adjustment After stripping down and starting to clean and overhaul all parts find that both Right and left cones are just starting to become marked. But on looking at finding...
  15. chriscross1966

    Rebuilding Campagnolo high-flange Chorus hubs.... bearing confusion

    Hi folks, I'm about to embark on a rebuild of some high-flange Campy Chorus hubs prior to their installation in my latest project Brompton (yes, I know). As the rear wheel is getting a new axle (it's currently 122mm OLN, I need it to be about 130 to accommodate a 7-speed freewheel) I'm planning...
  16. Ozzie770

    Bottom fork bearing race removal

    hi can anybody tell me if you can remove the bottom ball bearing race (or whatever its called) or is it welded on, as I need to remove it so I can sand it down regards Ozzie
  17. B

    Zonda Bearing Overhaul

    Have taken these wheels off my bike, as they were feeling a tad rough and I have been using my Carbon rims during the "Summer". Having just set up my old iMac out the garage, I thought I might look at Campag's tech docs for cleaning and greasing the bearings. Didn't realise how simple a job it...
  18. Oldfentiger

    Pitted bearing races in hubs

    I have a pair of vintage wheels, and the rear one feels notchy while turning the axle. It's a Sachs hub which, when stripped, looks decent quality. I degreased and cleaned the races, but on one side the bearing race is slightly pitted. Having discovered I could knock the race out I'm now...
  19. Ed no-more-lemons

    Cassette Bearing Newbie

    Still got a bit more rim movement than I would like. I had a job getting the spring pauls back inside the hub and noticed that the third one was missing so presumably this is the cause. I think that I have got the cones tightened about right. t Looking inside the hub with a screwdriver, I...
  20. Tommy2

    Turbo trainer and rear wheel bearing damage?

    I have some vision team 30 wheels, which are on my good bike, it spends most of its time on the turbo trainer at the minute 2-3 Times a week so not done a great deal of mileage outdoors (maybe 1000km) and only been ridden in the wet twice and washed with a hose twice, is it possible that the...
  21. Custom24

    Fulcrum 4-R5-004 bearing - where to get

    Hi I have Fulcrum Racing Sport DB wheels I need to replace one of the bearings - the non drive side in the rear According to, the part number is 4-R5-004 But all Googling for that suggests it is...
  22. Mile195

    Mavic bearings and bearing pullers

    Happy new year all! So I was supposed to be going out for a ride this morning, but I'm not, for two reasons. 1- I drank too much champagne last night. 2-rear wheel bearing is on its way out and I took it apart yesterday... I'm currently running a second hand pair of Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels...
  23. J

    Headset bearing on Planet X RT-58

    Hi, Today I took my forks off as the steering was becoming incredibly stiff. I had an absolute nightmare getting the headset bearing off, it took being hit probably over 100 times before it finally came off. Once I cleaned and regreased everything I assumed it would go back on easily but it's...
  24. alecstilleyedye

    internal headset servicing

    the internal headset on my trusty carrera-framed trigger's broom of a commuter/winter bike was sounding a bit gritty as i turned the bars. i took the stem and wheels off with the view to taking the offending headset bearing out (the one at the bottom of the head tube) and trawling the local...
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