Mavic bearings and bearing pullers

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Mile195, 1 Jan 2017.

  1. Mile195

    Mile195 Über Member

    West Kent
    Happy new year all!

    So I was supposed to be going out for a ride this morning, but I'm not, for two reasons. 1- I drank too much champagne last night. 2-rear wheel bearing is on its way out and I took it apart yesterday...

    I'm currently running a second hand pair of Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels and the left hand (Ie non-drive side) bearings sound gritty, and there's rusty greasy deposits outside the bearing race indicating that it's corroded. Curiously there's no play in it yet, so I assume it's only just starting to go.

    I'm used to Shimano wheels which are cup and cone, easy to access and inspect so I've never had to change cartridge wheel bearings.

    T'internet says that the bearings Mavic use are off-the-shelf cartridges, so there's no need to buy from Mavic directly. However, where should I buy from and what brand would people recommend? Any to avoid?

    I've also read that the plastic piece upon which they sit cannot be reused. Is this true?

    Re bearing pullers, any recommendations for which are better, and any poorly designed ones to avoid?
  2. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    Never taken one apart so can't help there but for bearings just take the old ones to a bearing factors (there are loads of them left) and buy SKF bearings.
  3. S-Express

    S-Express Guest

    Buy from any bearing supplier. Brand not really important.

    No puller needed. Generally, they are drifted out from the opposite side. You don't normally need a tool for this other than something to whack the bearing with...
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  4. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Personally brand is very important if you want to even half way guarantee decent bearings. An example is the standard bearings fitted to FSA BB...blooming awful quality, no cage for the balls, they just run free in the races, that's why they failed so quickly.
    SKF, FAG, etc will be good quality.

    Not seen how the Mavics are built but usually you'd just drift them out, refitting new ones is where care must be taken not to jar the races, always drive them in using the outer race NOT the inner race or the seal.
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  5. rusty bearing

    rusty bearing Über Member

    You can get bearings here:
    As has been said drift the bearings out and replace, thats the easy bit. Most people scratch their heads over the mavic preload system. There is a conical washer and a wire clip involved, if you look carefully the washer has a groove in the edge, seat the wire clip in it. Once reassembled flick the clip off and it''l drop in and provide the pre load.
  6. Big John

    Big John Über Member

    Simply Bearings is where I get mine from. Not had a problem with any so far and pretty cheap. You need to measure the old bearing properly and just order online.
  7. OP

    Mile195 Über Member

    West Kent
    That's great - thanks all. Two questions though:

    1- do you not need a press for proper reassembly?

    2- does the plastic sheath need replacing (single use?) or is that just Mavic trying to sell me crap I don't need?
  8. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Does the bearing sit flush in its housing or is it recessed down in it.
    There's a couple ways of getting it in there...a simple socket or similar round object, the same or very slightly smaller OD than the bearing, placed carefully on top and drive it in with a hammer...carefully.
    Or washers and some studding and nuts, to wind the bearing in.
    The difficulty is finding some washers or socket etc the right size.
  9. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    A carpenters G clamp will be ideal.

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