1. C

    DJI Mavic Mini Drone - Fly more combo - SOLD

    Boxed with all the bits, some things like plug and some cables never used. Excellent condition, no marks I can see and everything works correctly. Comes with box and all the internal boxes, basically includes: Drone, controller, battery holder (and 3 batteries), prop guards, spare knobs for...
  2. W


    Up until today l thought that Mavic was just a cool name for French bike bits , that is until l read this : Mavic is a France-based bicycle parts manufacturer, its name an acronym for Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel. It was founded by Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel in...
  3. W

    Vintage Mavic stuff.

    I am looking for one of these at a price that won't make me fight back tears^_^ If you are selling give me a heads-up !
  4. Kryton521

    Mavic Hub gone wrong, help please?

    Watched the video on how to take the hub apart, clean it and reassemble it. Seems easy enough, long story short I've put a "cog" bit in back to front, can't get it out again. Any suggestions idea's? Otherwise I have a trip to LBS and a story story to tell of my incompetence
  5. W

    Mavic Starfish 631.

    Ok l know this is a weird way to begin a build but l have this very nice crankset . It has been sitting in my parts box for an age and I would like a project for the summer. So l'm looking for suggestions as to what steel frame would suit it from l guess the 1980's....Any ideas ? This is pretty...
  6. M

    Mavic MA2 40 hole clincher rim wanted

    Mavic MA2 40 hole clincher rim wanted for classic rebuild. Rim type to match front wheel and 40 to fit Campag record hub. I an in Bristol if that helps.
  7. TTSS

    Mavic 317 Wheelset 26" Non disc - Shimano Deore LX hubs. Sold.

    For sale: In excellent condition. Mavic 317 wheelset. 26" non disc rims 32h in black. Comes with the 9 speed Shimano hub body is also in excellent condition. Silver Shimano Deore LX hubs front and rear. SS DB spokes. Shimano QR's. These have done approximately 150 miles from new. They...
  8. R

    Mavic Allroads

    Hi. I have an issue with my Mavic Allroad wheels. On my way into work the freehub started to slip. After about a mile of slipping, I lost all drive and had to walk home. I took the freehub off and cleaned the ratchet and all other parts. I applied a small amount of grease and reassembled...
  9. Mburton1993

    Any Mavic Ksyrium SLS's Nearby?

    I would like a pair of these wheels second-hand. There are a few on Facebook Marketplace but they're way too far away, in Tunbridge Wells, Windsor and Haverfordwest, I'm in Greater Manchester. They occasionally show up on eBay with delivery but nearly always in an auction, not a fan of...
  10. bikingdad90

    Mavic Cosmic Ultimate SL Short Sleeve Jersey Medium

    For sale, a brand new with tags mavic cosmic ultimate SL short sleeve jersey in black and white size medium 36-38 inch chest, never worn. It was an unwanted Christmas present. The RRP is £99 but £45 posted seems fair? Thanks Chris
  11. Darius_Jedburgh

    Mavic 12mm rear hub service question.

    I want to remove and lubricate the freehub on my Mavic 12mm through hub rear wheel. I've googled everywhere, and everything I've found tells me to remove the cap at the end of the axle. No flats or Allen key provision. Mavic website only has animated videos, but this seems to say that the cap...
  12. Trigger369

    2019 mavic cosmic pro carbon disc .

    Hello . Wondering if anyone has ridden with the 2019 mavic pro disc carbon wheel set . There currently on sale down to just under a grand . Might purchase these if anyone can recommend them Thanks folks
  13. S

    Worth rebuilding Mavic Aksiums?

    I've got a pair of Aksiums that have worn out after <1000 miles. I arranged for a return, but then they went under - then we had a baby, so nothing got sorted. The hubs etc are pretty untouched, so is there any point in looking to get them rebuilt with new rims or would the cost / benefit not...
  14. lilolee

    ##SOLD## Vintage Alan Record Road Bike 1987 55x55 with Campag 8 speed & Mavic Wheels

    This has been sitting in my shed for too long, so really should move it on. This has 8 speed Campagnolo, with 48/34 crankset with 172.5mm cranks, 40 cm Sakae Road Champion bars and 80mm Sakae stem. I can provide a different size stem if required. Also has Selle Italia Turbomatic saddle. The...
  15. K

    Mavic Aksium Disc wheels, QR and centrelock

    Excellent condition running true and smooth. Shimano 11 speed. £90 collected from BB186TY or posted at cost probably about £10
  16. vickster

    Mavic Open Pro silver 36h rim

    Unfortunately, I have a cracked rim and need a replacement...seems to be sold out online so has anybody got one lurking in the shed please? :okay:
  17. BSOh

    2 x 550A (22") rims (Araya and Mavic) and 2 x sets of tubs

    Not sure of these are of any interest to anyone before they get binned. They came from a donor bike which I used for parts: 2 x 22" (550A) rims. One Araya (model unknown), the other Mavic Mach 2 CD 2. They will need cleaning up, tape still stuck etc (see photos). Also 2 unused pairs of...
  18. Person

    Mavic Ergo Dial QR

    Can Mavic Ergo Dial QR (BOA's) be replaced with genuine BOA's. I bought some replacement Mavic BOA's that are broken. Loosening or tightening up the lace on each left and right shoe tighten's the lace. So there's no way of loosening either. A big thanks to anyone who can point me in the...
  19. T

    Monolink saddle and seatpost, Mavic Cosmic Campag wheelset

    Selle Italia SLR Monolink Saddle With FSA SLK Carbon Seatpost 27.2mm - £100 Extremely light combination carbon seatpost with Selle Italia SLR Carbon railed monolink saddle combo. Couple of scuffs on the corner of the saddle but nothing too bad. Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset, Campagnolo Fitting...
  20. Gunk

    For Sale BMC Team machine ALR01 51 cms Upgraded with full Shimano 105, Mavic Aksium wheelset

    A 2016 BMC Team machine ALR01 tastefully upgraded but hardly used, has probably covered 300 miles in total, I bought it for road cycling with my son but as I prefer vintage bikes it’s never really had the use it deserves. Being over fussy I have upgraded the groupset to full Shimano 105 5800...
  21. nickyboy

    Mavic Kysrium Pro Wheels - recurring broken spokes

    One of my bikes came fitted with these wheels. They're nice. Low spoke counts (18 front 24 rear) but have a recommended weight limit of 120kg (Including bike I'm abut 95kg) Rode it for about 2 years and then broke a front spoke. Got it repaired at LBS. Then a different front spoke broke while I...
  22. L

    Mavic Allroad Disc wheels - Rattle

    Hi, Finally got round to fitting the new wheels Mavic all road's to the CX bike. Everything is great, even setting up tubeless for first time went surprisingly well. However they make a rattle sounds like the spokes are loose? its potentially coming from the front wheel, however I can't be...
  23. overmind

    For Sale - Mavic KSYRIUM ELITE (used)

    I have a pair of used 700c Mavic Ksyrium Elite road wheels. Does anybody have any idea what is a reasonable price for these? I have seen them sold on ebay for around £300. Would there be any interest here? Pics below (I can post more if there is any interest) Does the 2nd picture indicate...
  24. S

    Mavic yksion tubeless tyres

    I've got these tyres, came with my Mavic kysrium wheels and I've run them as tubeless since I got them. No issues - until today. On a fast descent I must have hit a grid or pothole I didn't see and had almost instant deflation. Thankfully stayed upright. Tried pumping up, but the hole seemed...
  25. nickg

    Mavic ksyrium sls

    I've got the above rims. Is there meant to be rim tape installed?
  26. Globalti

    Mavic in Receivership.

    Eh, merde!
  27. nickg

    Mavic ksyrium sls rims

    What size valves are you using on your tubes for these rims please?
  28. Lien Sdrawde

    Mavic rim vs tyre compatability

    Was looking at the mavic open pro 'ust' clincher rims - but it says they are only meant for use with a specific magic tyre. Is this right? They are going to be for touring and I like a schwalbe tyre so need to check. Many thanks...
  29. majorbloodnok

    Mavic Cosmic Exalith Carbon Clincher wheelset

    As new (used less than 300 miles) and in immaculate condition. Mavic want £1169 so I think £600 is a fair price View: View: Here's the link to them on the Mavic site so you can read the spec...
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