Rear flip flop hub bearing


Any techies out there know what bearing I should get as replacements in the Dia-Compe Gran Compe rear track hub? It's a flip flop on a Pearsons Cycles Now You See Me

Is there any standardisation in hub bearings or is it a case of taking out the one that is in there and matching it?


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Cartridge bearings are standard sizes - if you can get the old one out, it should be marked with the relevant details.

They're not bike-specific parts, so you don't need to buy the replacements from a bike shop - I have a local specialist bearing supplier that is much cheaper.


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Pop it out. I think its the same as formula and miche hubs. Undo the cones from the non drive side and tap the axel (wood block and hammer) to pop out the drive side bearing. Easy to replace
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