Hub gear guide broken


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Hi folks, out for an early morning ride yesterday with my wife on our recently purchased Pashey's (Parabike & Penny) when my wife had a fall.

As she was following me I can not be 100% sure of the cause.

Thankfully there was no following traffic at 7am. We both increased speed as we approached a trafic light that turned to green. My wife fell immediately with no chance to stop this.

On inspecting the bike I saw that the plastic guide for the hub gear adjuster was broken. As I moved the bike the chain came off.

We have only used the bikes for 20 miles at the most and they are due a six week service.

My wife got straight back on the bike once I put the chain back on and made minor adjustments. However, this has shaken her confidence a little.

I rode hub geared bikes in the 60's and 70's and over the past year with our Brompton's and rarely had a chain come off.

The plastic guide may have broken in the fall. I am cocerned it failed in use causing the fall!

I have made a metal replacement as a temp repair. I see the older guide used a metal guide and I shall fit these to both bikes.

Any thoughts or advice on how to minimise this problem happening again.



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