Hybrid bike to MTB?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by aserota, 10 May 2008.

  1. aserota

    aserota Über Member

    Ive got a hybrid bike (claude butler urban 300), currently with slick tyres on.

    As ive got my Trigon race bike for road use, id like the hybrid to be used for off road stuff a bit more.

    Can i get a new set of rims and tyres and if so how wide can i go?
  2. The upper limit is determined by frame and fork clearance. Your rims will happily accept any size of tyre you can fit within the frame. Taking off your mudguards will help but bear in mind that you'll need a bit of extra clearance to prevent mud build-up.
  3. RedBike

    RedBike New Member

    Beside the road
    I "think" the claude butler urban takes 700c wheels. Standard 26" mtb tyres (or wheels) wont fit. You will need to either fit cyclo-cross tyres or a set of "29ner" MTB tyres.

    Cyclo tyres are more or less the same size as your current tyres, there shouldn't be any issues fitting them to your frame/wheels.

    29ner tyres are normally much wider (Although they come in a range of sizes/designs). Your wheels should just about be alright but they might be too wide for your frame or fork. You'll need to ask in a bike shop if they'll fit.

    It all depends on what you call "off-road". Cyclo-cross tyres are often better in muddy / smooth hardpacked conditions than a MTB tyre. However, they're far from ideal for rocky terrain.
  4. Ivan Ardon

    Ivan Ardon Well-Known Member

    My "model before the last one" Urban 300 came with 700c x 38 tyres and still had plenty of clearance at the rear stays, at least 10mm each side.
  5. Hairy Boy

    Hairy Boy New Member

    I had a hybrid (scott sportster P5) with 700c wheels and fitted some continental vapour knobbly tyres to it - sized 28 x 2.1".

    This made the bike really useable for gentle off-road - cycle tracks etc.

    Obviously you would have to check clearance for your frame but these were the only true knobbly tyres I could find for 700c wheels.
  6. Zoiders

    Zoiders New Member

    Ice Station Zebra
    Michellin wild grippers, cross tyres, do they still make them?

    I am sure you will be able to fit them, any cross riders know of a good dealer with a range of knobbly tyres on sale?
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