Hybrid for around £600?


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Hi, im new to the forum.
Looking for a hybrid bike for some road and light gravel/canal path use.
Between rhe trek fx 3, pinnacle neon 3 and cannondale quick disc 3.
Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?
They all ride pretty well - i like the internal cabling on the pinnacle and cannondale.


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Hello Dan and welcome to the forum.
Those are all good bikes, there's a lot of competition in this sector of the market so choice is good so is value.
Another one to consider is the Triban 500 from Decathlon;
Bit cheaper than the rest but with a good spec. The only downside is the cable discs but it will accept up to 35c tyres. 28c is fine on towpaths and will feel quicker and firmer on the road but choose fatter rubber if you want more comfort. Lifetime frame warranty and a year on components. Otherwise you might settle on either of your choices based on the colour or price. There are no poor choices here.
Good luck.

PS. Internal cabling has been known to rattle.
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Mrs 73 has a FX 3 and love's it , will do everything you want for sure. Good quality build not had any problems other than the normal stuff like adjusting the brake's. I'd happily ride one if I was looking for something similar.


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Accra, Ghana

This is a great Hybrid bike, and fantastically spec’d for the money. It’s got a very decent warranty as well.
Agreed, but it's no lightweight.


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Thanks everyone, that's really helpful - I've tested the Whyte and liked it, but went for the Cannondale in the end. The pinnacle was also great. Nothing to choose between them really
Good choice imo. For a good while I have thought of selling my road & hardtail and going for the Cannondale. A nice looking bike.
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