It's day 6 of my hypnotherapy... I decided to change my eating habbits once and for all and I am really feeling the benefits of it programme now!
Angry, aggressive reactions to things of stress and distress have been replaced by calm control and I now seem to allow myself time to think about what is happening before I react!
I can even manage to talk about Feckless around my young Son without getting angry, sarcastic or nasty!! I can't believe it.... and I seem to have lost my hunger pangs and over eating seems to be a thing other people do!! I can't eat fast, which is odd because I didn't even realise I was:becool:!!
So.... heres to the next 6 days!!!
It's powerful stuff. One of my friends used it to give up smoking and it worked for him.


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You are getting sleepy...you will paypal me all you money...


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I have had 6 sessions and it is Paul Mckenna....
All I can say is that I feel calm & happy for no particular reason at all :blush:
I feel able to cope with anything... and oddly, even if I feel angry, I am just cross... not emotionally effected to the level I have been...:biggrin:
I can't think...at the moment... of a reason to question the results, I feel quite happy to see how I go. :biggrin:
If I can sort out this side of my life - the worlds mine for the taking! :smile:


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So you don't find yourself chasing after mice or drinking milk out of a saucer on the floor each time the doorbell goes? (etc etc etc)

Weird stuff. I think his concentrated eating advice is pretty good but I just don't have the self-control (willpower?) to sustain it.

But then i guess the point of hypnotherapy is that it removes the effect of self-control and willpower from the equation.


How much is hypnosis? I've always been quite intrigued.
Do you get a refund if you can't be hypnotized? I wouldn't mind having a session but I'd be wary of paying the money and then them totally failing to hypnotize me at all - I'm not that sure I could be hypnotized. Is it literally just swinging a watch in front of your eyes for a few seconds or do there exist any actual powerful techniques?


rich p said:
My wife had hyponotherapy to wean her off passionate sex - it seems to have worked:sad::biggrin:

you should have gone to the hypnotist yourself when she was elsewhere and slipped him a few notes to do it 'wrong' :blush: :smile:
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