I am sailing, I am sailing...

ooops sorry, you'll be trying to forget Rod's song all day now...:thumbsup:

Going sailing ont' Solent again this Sat, but with mini ao (10) this time. In June on the first day, I was as sick as a dog, on the second day (not so choppy) - fine. Do children cope better, or do you reckon, we should all go on the Stugeron a day before? Actually the wind should be light - so might be OK without.

Hi. I'll cycle down to Calshot and give you a wave.:biggrin:


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Sailing is cool...I used to sail 470's and firefly's when I was a lad out of shoreham harbour, superb fun, except the bit where you have to drag the thing across deep black stinking mud to get it ashore.


I used to sail a bit at school as part of the Outdoor Pursuits class (managed to wrangle onto sailing and canoing even though I wasn't in the actual class but it was my form tutor's specialism) and was around boats from an early age living 75 metres from the sea from the age of 2. Mirror's when we were younger and racing catamarans (if we could cadge a ride as we were potless) when in late teens. We were fortunate that a lot of our neighbours were sailors and took us out at weekends. One of our neighbours used to build luxury cats and take us out on these, but it was a bit sedate so we rarely went with them. I used to work with a guy who raced cats and went out occasionally with him but he was so competitive it was usually hard work rather than a pleasure.


With a 2-ish ton keel, you eventually get used to the idea that even when the yacht is leaning 45 degrees +, you're not going to capsize - which is a relief... :smile:

Last time, in middle of the solent, we came across a couple with a smallish dingy trying to get themselves out of the sea and the boat upright. They managed it eventually.

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andyoxon said:
I found that being at the helm and focusing on a point in the distance really helped; going below was a disaster :smile:

If you ever need a man who can make sandwiches for a crew of 9 whilst below during some vigorous Solent weather... let me know!

Mini ao's gonna have a blast!
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