I can slow down time...


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All you have to do is order a bike related item and wait for royal mail to deliver it... Hey presto, an hour of gawping out of the window will actually seem like 4 hours! The effect is more intense on Saturdays.

Also, all the traffic that pases your house will sound like a transit van and will probably be red, just to give you that split second moment of "Its here!!" just to be dashed a second later.



Have you tried waiting for the Indian mail???One of the memebers here will know:rofl:


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My first bike came from a mail order catalogue during the school holidays when I was 9 years old. I stood in the bay window at the front of the house each morning for nearly 2 weeks waiting for it to arrive and I was almost crying with the frustration of it. When the Royal Mail van finally turned up outside, I felt physically sick and unable to unwrap the bike for about 30 minutes while I calmed myself down!

It's quite sweet how excited I was to get what we might now disparagingly refer to as a BSO (Bicycle Shaped Object). Yes, it was only a singlespeed bike, it weighed at least 28 pounds and had steel rims which meant that the brakes didn't work in the wet but ... it was my bike, and it unlocked a 2 miles square area of NW Coventry for me, plus an area of countryside stretching to the villages of Corley and Fillongley, a few miles beyond!


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Christmas Eve must be a nightmare in your houses!
I distract myself with booze!


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A letter from Bath to Melksham took two weeks not long ago for me. Though most of the time anything I have sent has come more or less the next day so swings and roundabouts I suppose.
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