I don't get out much...


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...but when i do, I enjoy cycling...what I mean is that work and kid committments tend to mean that I can usually only get out on the bike x1 per week (sat or sun) with the odd commute (17miles each way) in spring/summer/autumn. But yesterday, i managed to clock up my 1,000 miles for the year target somewhat earlier than last yr (December, last yr). Also, for various reasons, I didn't cylce for 7 weeks from mid-July to early Sept, so I'm doubly pleased :rolleyes:
The ride was eventful, in that half-way through 32-mile route I hit a pothole, and developed slow puncture on back tyre... it was a toss up (:rolleyes:) as to whether to change tube (takes me blimmin' ages) or pump up every 20 mins and limp home that way...late afternoon sun was getting lower in the sky, temp was dropping, so I went for the pump-every-20-mins approach, which was a bit tedious, but got me home!
Anyway, I'm sure for many on here 1,000 miles is nowt, but it was my target for the year, and I've done before end of Oct! :biggrin:
As you were. Back to work, now.
Well done Fnaar on your 1,000 enjoyable miles
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