I dont like the valves on my schwalbe marathons


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...it's the long type with the screw thread you can push to make the air hiss out. I forget what that type is called now.
Anyway they are a pain to get the pump on without losing to much air...I much preffer the valves on my mtb...the old type where you screw on a tube to the pump and the tyre and it's easy.
Also my valves move around a lot when I pump them and I'm worried theyill come off....what is the point in these finicky valves??
Presta valves apparently hold air slightly better...And they work better on skinny rims like you find on most road bikes. I always had Presta on my bikes as a kid, then was really happy when I had the indestructible Schrader ones on my first "Adult Bike", and now, unfortunately with my current trek mtb I have gone back to skinny presta - very annoying!
My LBS always asks if I want long or short valve stems. I think they're hoping I won't know the answer!

Always reminds me of that old Not The Nine O'Clock News sketch where the guy is buying a new stereo and the assistants are taking the rip by asking "Do you want tweeters and woofers with that?"



There is a solution - you can get a small brass adaptor that fits to the Presta valves that enables you to then use a Schrader valve pump.

All you do is unscrew the "stopper" on the Presta, screw on the adaptor and then connect the pump using the MTB setting on the head.

Halfrods stock the adaptor (they are supplied for pumps which only have Schrader valve heads so that a Presta can be pumped up)

Having said all that .. I can't see the problem with Presta valves - other than the odd time that the valve end breaks :blush:

I got one of them adaptor things, but I think they are only actually worth it if you don't have/want to get a pump for Presta valves. I only tried to use mine twice and then gave up, because by the time you stuck the adaptor on, etc. you might as well just pump up the normal Presta valves. I found the adaptors really fiddly, half the time I didn't seem to get any air in the tyre at all...Might just be me being extremely untechnical, but my friend reported similar problems..Plus, they don't make the valve any sturdier...

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You get used to Presta valves, just make sure you push the connector on nice and square and the air loss will be minimal. There is no difference to the air pressure each type of valve can cope with, Schrader valves are used in aircraft tyres which take around 200psi each. Presta's are used on road bikes only because the rims are too narrow for Schrader.
Funnily enough the recent Schwalbe Presta valves have a ridged securing ring that allows them to be used in Schraeder drilled rims.

Shame it isn't as easy the other way round


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...I will persist with them...but the problem I have is that they let out so much air as I connect the pump, and then they move around...I have a pump that halfords sold me as being suitable for those valves so it must just be me and how I am using it.

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I would perservere with the Presta type. Perhaps try someone elses pump to see if it's any better. You should be able to get the head on without any loss of air. Once you've got the hang of them they work well in all types of bike.

One shortfall of the schraeder (car) type valve is that it uses the air pressure in the tyre to close the valve. Sometimes they can become 'sticky' and when you're inflating them from flat (with mini pumps in particular), its impossible to get enough air into the tube to shut the valve on the up stroke, so everything leaks out, again and your back to square one. Over and over again!

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Bigtallfatbloke said:
...I will persist with them...but the problem I have is that they let out so much air as I connect the pump, and then they move around...I have a pump that halfords sold me as being suitable for those valves so it must just be me and how I am using it.
I find that it depends on what sort of pump you are using. A decent track pump is a good investment, making any amount of air loss irrelevant as it so quickly reinflates the tube back to max pressure.
I agree with the above - I'd advise getting a track pump (for home) and something like a toppeak roadmorph for rides (it fits nicely in a small rucksack) - these tend to have a short connecting hose rather than having the pump attach directly onto the valve and are far easier to use.


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..well looks like I should have taken your advice on that Topeak....I was just pumping up my front tyre when the bit with the thin screw thread bent in half and all the air in the tyre came out leaving me flat. I had just loaded the bike up as well ready for a test ride...crappy halfords pump....anyway now I need to tell myself this is a good thing...really it is....I get to solve another problem before I go on my trip.....better here than out in th emiddle of nowhere.....I have aspare innner tube which i shall try to fit, then I'll take the tube back to the lbs and tell them it is no good and see if I can get a new tube....yippee!

...is there anyway i can bend that bit back again and make it work? I cant believe this design is so bad....I'd really be happier with the old style mtb type valves.

...I just stole the pump off my sons mtb...its a Topeak mini master blaster...supposedly it automatically knows if it is a presto valve or the proper valve type....has a guage and everything...BUT...it doesnt bloody work on my valves.....OMG is it really so dam hard to make a valve and a simple pump for these expensive tyres that actually works????? :tongue:
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