I hate cycling in City Centres on Saturdays....


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
Truly, they walk amongst us...


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It is for that reason among others that I have described that contraflow cycle lane on surrey st as my favourite cycle lane in the entire world.

In fairness to the council it is for example why there is an advisory 10mph speed limit on the first section of road and for example motor vehicles other than taxis and buses are banned completely from it - which funnily enough everyone ignores.

Dan B

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Made me smile

But dondare has a point: this is (as far as I can tell - I've not spent much time in Sheffield) a city centre and people should be able to walk around it freely without being menaced by fast-moving vehicles. Yes, some of them are extraordinarily dopey and would benefit from a bit more awareness of their surroundings, but the vehicle-supremacist Green Cross Code is not the answer either.

And Johnny Cash was a genius. Full marks from me on the soundtrack


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I have a similar problem coming home thru Stockport town centre,despite a cycle lane clearly marked the peds just cross in all directions with barely a glance for bikes,have got used to it now so just take it slow.


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John the Monkey said:
Airzound is overkill for pedestrians.

Crane bell suzu, or your own voice is enough.

And they do have priority, like it or not.
Even in marked cycle-lanes. Another reason for these things being not worth the paint.
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