I have an interview for a job...


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... in New Zealand! (University of Auckland). Hurrah, well - once I get to the interview stage I can often persuade people, but fingers crossed. It could be quite tricky as it's a telephone interview, so almost impossible to judge reactions.


In some ways, even though I'm sure your personal skills are very good, a telephone interview is a great thing. You can have all kinds of answers, info etc, spread out in front of you and I, for one, find it easier to think on my feet. Good luck!

Everyone I know who has gone to New Zealand, (a friend of mine has just come back from a one year doctor rotation working in a hospital in Auckland) has loved it so I'm sure you will too.


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Best of luck. I find phone interviews horrible but I'm sure you've got all bases covered. Never heard anyone say anything bad about New Zealand.


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Isn't NZ the most car dependant nation on the face of the planet? I'm pretty sure it is, though my wife spent time there and tells me we should think of moving there at least once a week.

Well done on getting the interview anyhow, that is an achievement in itself nowadays, and as it's a phone interview you'll be able to do it while masturbating! :biggrin:


Now in this day and age you'd have at least thought they'd be into the relms of a web cam interview. Especially considering your area of expertise :biggrin:

Hope it goes they way you want. I, for one, will sorry to see you go but I'd get a huge thrill out of the thought of a thoroughly decent bloke getting on in the world :biggrin:
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