I have sent off my luggage


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to Nova Scotia. :biggrin:

Following other's good example, I am emigrating to Canada.

I am sorry, I have had enough of this foul weather and cannot stand it any more. Things have reached such a pitch that I am off.

I have no goal and being in the second half of my life, I need a boot up the backside. I would like to get my life right back on track.

I have sent off my luggage to Nova Scotia. No doubt I will be on line out there, and you can contact me when I am back of the net.

Keep a good look out for me.

Very sorry if you are shocked by this news.

Perhaps I should have kicked this thread off with an apology


Mr Benn and the rest on Festive Road will be mortified by the news.

Make sure you head for the right Halifax and good luck.


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No need to kick this off with an apology, you've done nothing wrong. Getting out there and doing smething is the right thing to do, staying where you feel it is not you is wrong.

All the best - I'll miss you (till you get online here again, sniff)
Us a apology?
In the best traditions of John McEnroe "You-can-not-be-serious!" We'll have to find a new way to 'scotch' this idea.
The café needs u as figurehead. Annette, the waitress will miss your crockery spinning - the whirled cup on the table a popular diversion...
Happy fishing!


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Hey, Speicher, fantastic. Where exactly are you going? (PM me if you want) BTW, don't expect better weather in Nova Scotia; there's a reason it's named after Scotland! It's a cool, wet Atlantic climate (plus occasional hurricanes)...

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Good luck with the move Speicher, I hope things turn out the way you want but as others have said keep in touch via the forum when you get the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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...on the slake
Room for any stowaways in the luggage?

I've only been to Canada once, but it was lovely - it rained too and boy oh boy did it rain.

We'd have sent you a farewell card if we'd known - a red one if your OP is anything to go by

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

Blimey! That's a bit of a shocker!
I guess we never knew...

Well good on you for doing something positive (and dramatic), may I wish you the very best and look forward to reading about your new and exciting life!

Fortune favours the bold.

Bon Voyage :thumbsup:
Point of order:
It can't be called 'luggage' these days because there is no need to lug it anywhere.
Join the Campaign for 'Wheelage' today! Or, if you have two cases, you can push one and pull the other one.
If I ever get away, I'm going to use an old kitbag. Then I'm going to stay behind and hope the bag gets lost...
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