I just dropped below 19 stone...

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Good going, what's the next target weight and how long to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How tall are you BTFB? You should be able to comfortably lose 1-3 kg a week. What is your target weight?

I'm 6'1'', 92 kg now and 18 kg less than I was 3-4 years ago, and that is mostly attributed to cycling regularly and eating sensibly.

Good luck, you'll get plenty of advice and support here. :rolleyes:


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I am 6' 4" tall....targets are something I vowed to myself I would never 'do' again....I've had several overdoses of 'targets' in my life already!:rolleyes:

So...my 'aim' is to simply keep cycling...that is it...nothing more complicated. I will have good and bad periods...I accept that....I will probably put weight on and take it off at different points....dunno...I'll wait and see.

I already eat sensibly. Well since I started cycling I find my body rejects junk food/chocolate/beer etc...it needs real food and gets it....courtesy of mrs BTFB (who is in fact very small and fit):blush::thumbsup:.

I'm just happy to see a drop in weight, but I am happier to see a drop in the inches around my belly more so. I have also noticed a few less groans and creeks from the bike this week!:biggrin:

...so....no targets for me...(they cause me stress and worry & failure in my experience)...I'll just keep on keeping on...day by day...week by week...and one day I will get where ever the hell I am going:wacko::sad:


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N Ireland
Well done BTFB.

I once tipped the scales at 16st 2lb, but now weigh 12st 1lb (I'm a lot smaller than you so our 'stoutness' may have been similar). I can vouch for the fact that your enjoyment on the bike will rise as your weight falls. Good luck :rolleyes:

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Kirton, Devon.
Eat some pies....quick!
Otherwise you'll have to be AverageTallSkinnyBloke and it doesn't have the same ring to it!

Congrats btw.


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Deal, Kent
well done!
I have 0.4 kgs to go to get to 100 kgs down from 116kgs in November


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Well done BTFB.

I think you're right not to set targets. Exercise more and eat healthily and you will lose weight and be fitter. It will happen!.

Getting hung up on the reading on the scales is incidental and a bit irrelevant of you just do what makes happy and stick with the programme.


Bigtallfatbloke said:
....for the first time in years...:blush::smile:

...and i even had both feet on the scales!

Its soo easy to just live a sedimentary lifestyle nowadays.

Everythings geared up towards now.

Today, whilst walking down a shopping area I not just walked past people - noticed them and seen how big they are compared to when I was a kid: its soo noticeable...

Its imperative that kids are told time and again that what you eat has to be burnt off otherwise you lifestyle will not be good.

Sense and sensibility :rolleyes:


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Good work big man, its taken me about a year to get down from 120kilo to around 98 (I'm 6ft) and that too is just a mixture of decent eating and lots of cycling, slow and steady is definitely the way - keep at it!


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Well done! Reject targets and reject set weight loss rates as that can just mean you set yourself up for failure if you don't meet a target or set weight loss. Do what works for you. Best of luck.
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