I may be in the gutter but I'm looking at the stars


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They only give stars for working not for consuming the products! :?:


The stars may be changing - so far, they're just an experiment to see if they work - they do.

Now to find something a bit less harsh - they're just too dark for my liking. :?:


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Deal, Kent
yes now bike in stars would be way cooool!

(maybe I should think about growing up???)

naaaa :?:

Mr Phoebus

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alecstilleyedye][quote name= said:
I heard if you can stick the job at McD for the whole day' date=' you get all five stars.[/quote']i did two shifts and got no stars. perhaps i shouldn't have told them to "f[/i']uck off" when asked to mop the floor i had just mopped again (and no it hadn't been walked upon). ah well… :?:

If you ask to see the manager, do you get to meet Ronald McDonald?
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