I need a Lady Godiva


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
A bit of a blumen' cheek this I know, but I need a fiver, a lady Godiva.

Some of you may have read that I'm doing the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday, on the old BSA Tour de France . Alan who used to own the bike, had a massive heart attach in Feb 2017 did the ride on this bike about 15 years ago, so i though it might be a good thing to ride it on his old bike, having done it up to ride-able condition.

Any way I'm almost at my target of 200 queens and I just need a fiver, so If anyone could see their way to helping out I would be very grateful. The minimum donation amount is two quid, so three donations would take me over my target, which would be smashing.

Just Giving Link


Dreaming of Celeste
West Sussex
Done! One Lady Godiva donated with GiftAid. :okay:
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