I need help for my bike: Cannondale SLATE 2016


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On my CANNONDEL SLAT is the wheel exchange with wheelset from Mavic XM419 rim installed.

I need to this wheelset a description including service installation and removal instructions

and in this context a service brochure for the workshop mechanic (as PDF)

as you know it from a car workshop.

Please do not refer me to a local dealer in a reply,

because I would like to do the service work on this bike myself in the future.

Since the wheel is out of warranty and warranty period is already out this should be

from your side also be supportable.

Important would be just for me to know what special tool is needed for the wheel.


A photo would help us see what kind of axle you have. It may be a conventional quick release skewer. It may be a through axle. It may even be conventional nuts, 15mm, but this is unlikely. I imagine it is through axle, so a 5mm Allen key (hex key) will unfasten it and you can withdraw the axle.
You will need to release the brakes if you don't have discs.
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