I need to put a rack on my Pomp.

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the racks that I have experience of, the metal arms that attach at that point are made of quite a pliable metal and you kind of bend them to fit anyway - I would imagine it will be ok.


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Yes I have a Pomp and it has a posh Tubus 'fly the light one' rack on it - One of these: http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDetails.asp?catID=84&productID=8168

The design is such that even though it's blingy bit of kit, you still have to bend the central adjustable strut to fit it - you are meant to bend it. You use the bracket that comes with it to fit onto one side of the bike, screwing it into one of the proper rack mounting holes, then the central strut on the rack bends to fit to the other end of the bracket. You could throw away the bracket and attach the rack direct to the frame instead, which would look neater, but then you'd need to bend the strut twice which could be trickier - more difficult to get the bends at the right angles and in the right places. If you're going to bend any bits of metal to fit a rack it's best to use a vice - you get a much better bend that looks neater and is exactly where you want it, and you only need to do it once rather than stressing the metal by having to have several attempts at getting it right.

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I've recently put a Blackburn Expedition onto my Pompino so that I can fit our child seat. It went on fine, there's give in the metal tongues that attach and I found that it went on in about 20 mins. The trick was to assemble it all before tightening anything and then gradually wind all the bolts in rotation.

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