I rode one of the Lime e-bikes today and lived to tell the tale


Following this title, the gentleman continues to give a long winded review,
"Why not buy yourself a bike" I have two and not using them anymore. Parking and maintenance is too much of a hassle in practice. What if I decide to meet with friends and take the tube to somewhere together? What if it rains and, again, I use the public transport?
then someone suggested a folding bike - to which>
one of my bikes is a folding one. Small wheels = bumpy ride, wobbly foldable frame, plus I still need to care if I left it at home or at work... Going with Santanders was a well-thought-out choice. They win on general convenience.
Not all folders ae created equal -
And i still can't get over "Parking and maintenance is too much of a hassle" when all you can too is moan about the alternatives - design a better one


Some people are just muppets. It's a wonder he isn't moaning that it's too much effort being expected to pedal a bike! He could always use those two things we are all born with called legs if other forms of transport don't meet his requirements.


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
If this is the review on the London Cycling farce Berk group, I got the impression the reviewer was quite happy with the Santander bikes except that they don't cover outer London.
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