I saw a bloke......


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Oh, please, I'm eating my lunch!


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Funny you should say that Arch, I thought thatkind of thing would be right up your street :smile:


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This post is no good without pic..... err then again, maybe not :smile:
Longers wouldn't be seen dead standing in front of that '92.9' placard - I think that has been photoshopped!

Longers in a mankini though...all the 'girls' on the FNRttC (London branch) will be in for 'a bit of a shocker' (on Friday Night, midnight) and an even bigger one if the ride ends at Brighton! (PS. Men, also, are 'recognised' when making this post) :bravo:

Even rich p might be a bit perturbed by this...

*Longers - go easy on the reflective stuff for your mankini - it will not do you justice when the cameras start-a-popping! :wacko: People will think it's a flash in the pan!


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Fnaar said:
Can we get a Cycle Chat mankini done? :wacko:
Extra Large for me, girls! Or should I put this in 'Post a lie'....

BTW Fnaar, I'm up in 'thumberland next month on holiday to see my old stomping ground - Duchess High School boy I am. If you see a fat man on a nice bike next month, s'me! Wave.
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