I struggle to sleep one night in one!

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Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Excellent. One care in the community story that's working out okay.


I have been to Grantham. xx(xx(:blush: I believe I visited the town some time in ... 1975 I think it was. I even stayed the night, but not in a Travelodge. Hope this helps. :ohmy:


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Limoges or York
Maddd! It'd drive me madddd I tell ee.

In the '90's I spent 6 months in a nice York hotel, courtesy of my employer (the housing market had crashed and I couldn't sell). The food was great but after 6 months just to be able burn my own toast in my own kitchen would have been luxury..
i remember a young 17 year old dangerousjules persuading my then squeeze that a night in a travel lodge over looking a bypass was the very height of true romance...dinner from a petrol station then some nookie what more could i ask for...long may travel lodge help the young guns out!


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Travelodge !!!!!!! I wish........:sad::biggrin::biggrin:

Trust me.....i would have loved it.....in Uruguay :blush:
Spent the first night in the Sheraton in Montevideo, very nice, and a dinner cost something in the order of £8.........:eek::ohmy::ohmy: £8 FFS.

Unfortunately, we had to travel up country to a port complex, Neuva Palmira, and as there isnt any decent accomodation there, we had to travel 15 miles each way, each day to the next best thing........

:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:...this is a local and popular hotel for Argentine holidaymakers.....:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: It was like a third rate B&B !!!!!!!!!!!
Carpets that were old and lumpy, cast iron radiators, walls that needed painting, shutters that didnt work. etc etc etc.

Ok, so i'm working....i dont expect luxury.:ohmy:

The Spanish menu was unfathomable, hardly anyone spoke English, the food when you eventually decided what to try was 'of questionable quality'.

10 days later, i'm eating 3 forkfulls, and pushing the plate away :biggrin:

Lost 1/2 stone....and i'm not big in the first place :angry:

Lost my appetite so much, when we did get back to the Sheraton on the last day.....still couldnt face food....

To be fair, the Uruguayans were the most fantastic, welcoming friendly people you could meet, they put us to shame in attitude.

But a Travelodge...would have made my day. You dont know youre born you lot :angry::biggrin::biggrin:
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