I swear I'm hexed today


Three near accidents and one minor collision...all of them with old people behind the wheel.

The 3 near misses were all pulling out SMIDSY's where they just didn't even look.

The minor accident was at a crossroads where I stopped in Primary for the red lights and some old dear thinks it's ok to squeeze in next to me (it was also a very narrow lane). She clips my elbow with her mirror, which comes clean off (the mirror not my elbow ^_^). Her passenger, who I assume was her son, is yelling at her "how could you not see him", and he apologised to me. I didn't even feel it, so no harm done I just asked if she could be a bit more observant and rode off.

What is it with old people today, have I got a bullseye on me or what?


"Young and Ex-whippet"
Now you know how I feel every day! (With the exception of yesterday which was very quiet and incident free)
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