I think I missed something


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Hong Kong
In my 5 year absence, I think I missed something called YACF being set up. Did the CC community suffer a schism? Shouts of 'SPLITTER!' resounding around town?

Heltor Chasca

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How very non-Zen to stir with your Dorje. ;)

You are wrong though. YACF is an Audax orientated forum.

Separate entities and many of us use and enjoy both.
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Flouncing Nobber
Bit of a coincidence, you're in Honkers and the place gets smashed up.

Pale Rider

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Pop over there and say how much you like the Fridays.

Quite funny seeing the crusty old audaxers denounce Fridays riders as not proper riders.

I think they object to what they see as featherbedding with all-uppers, TECs and the like.
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