i think ive bought the wrong bike???

18 montha ago i dusted of my 20 year old road bike, enjoyed it but was suffering slightly (3 damaged discs lower back) 9months ago i treated myself to a new giant defy 2, its brilliant but heres the problem though , a couple of weeks ago i borrowed a hybrid and have been riding trails, canal bank etc,and im finding it much more comfortable therefore enjoying it more .
seriously thinking of flogging the giant and looking for a good spec hybrid ,

have any of you gone from road bike to hybrid and did you regret it or not

thanks R,R


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I went from mtb then added a road bike. The road bike hardly ever got used as, like you, I much prefer trails and towpaths than roads. I've had a few bikes since but have settled for a hybrid which I use exclusively for an all round mix of riding including the odd tour.
I dont regret getting rid of the mtb or the road bike at all and if I were considering another bike it would be a flat barred tourer... the hybrid would still be the bike of choice for all the rest of my riding though.

Gary E

I have one of each.
I work out the route I want to take and then choose the bike that's best suited.
Sometimes I want to take it slow and look at the scenery and sometimes I want to push myself a bit. :thumbsup:


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I've got a flatbar Sirrus with rack and guards for commuting, shopping and pootling when it's wet, an MTB (Kona, underused in my shed) and a carbon roadbike. Not sure I'd use a Cyclocross, I like flat bars for commuting.

I'd keep the roadbike and find a hybrid


I've got a hardtail mtb, hybrid/commuter and my new road bike. Like them all in there own ways. Couldn't sell one unless it was to upgrade :becool:


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Is the hybrid more comfy because your sitting more upright ? you could look at flipping the stem or getting a shorter riser stem to replicate the position on the hybrid .


Many folk complain about the Defy because Giant send them out with a long stem, which makes you reach more, which in turn hurts the back and shoulders.

I replaced my stem with 90mm and also raised the handlebards slightly. Just as comfy as my flat bar bikes now


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You'll find the answer to most types of these problems as justification for needing more bike^_^ I much prefer my road bike to riding a mountain bike but that's probably because I love road cycling.

Similar to Moodyman, when I treated myself to a pro bike fit last year, they changed the stem on my Allex to a much shorter one which, along with other adjustments, has made for a much more comfortable ride.
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