I thought I was hallucinating...


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Leith, Edinburgh
.... as I sat in the sun at the traffic lights on Corstorphine Road this morning about to turn left down Saughtonhall Drive.

I was suddenly enveloped by the complete 'sounds of the jungle creatures' soundtrack - strange bird calls, roars, hoots, monkey calls etc. I looked around - no cars with strange soundtracks on their stereos. No sign of the buildings around me melting before my eyes or caterpillars on toadstools smoking hookahs - so I hadn't ingested an of those pesky LSD flies whizzing through the air on the way there.

Then it dawned on me - half a mile away there's Edinburgh Zoo, and the wind was blowing towards me. Obviously the early morning chorus from our captive friends!

Made for a very unusual start to the day :smile:


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Ha ha!

I remember a similar incident years ago when I was in training for the DW kayak race. I was paddling down the Royal Military Canal (between Hythe & Rye - Kent - Sussex) in really thick fog. I could barely see the banks on either side but I could hear the lions roaring like they were 20 feet away (they were in Port Lympne zoo) - helped me keep my speed up :biggrin:
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